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Nirmal offers High Speed tube mill for making ERW/API/BS/IS and related applications rating maximum up to 120m/min which are based on German and Taiwan Design and technology. Tube Mill includes fully mechanized system with automatic feeding spiral system with NC cold saw cut of unit and High frequency solid state power saving welders. Tube Mill mainly consists of strip preparation, pipe forming, welding, cooling, sizing straightening, pipe cut-off unit and pipe take off unit. A forming motor of and a sizing motor and power transmission is done by worm gear boxes drives the whole machine.

Min and Max Pipe OD (in mm) 9mm up to 20 inch
Min and Max Thickness(in mm) 0.5mm up to 13mm
Speed of the machine (m/min) 10-20-60-80-100-120m/min (Varies according to the Pipe OD and selection of the equipments)
Automation Level Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic
Raw Material Used HR/CR/GP

The strip first requires leveling and straightening which is done by passing the strip through strip leveler, pinch rolls and guide rolls. After this, the strip is passed through various forming rolls where the strips are converted into open seam pipe. Then it reaches the welding unit where the edges of the open seam tube is heated by hf induction generator (or any other welding equipment). Immediately after heating, the edges of the pipe are forged (fused) in the squeezing unit and it takes the shape of complete pipe. After welding, the welding portion is scrapped by bead scrapping unit then the tube is cooled in cooling jacket. For making it exact round the pipe is passed through sizing unit and then through turks head for straightening. After this the tube is cut into required length by a moving cutting machine and pushed to take off table.

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