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Product Details:

Type Induction Heating
Brand Nirmal
Automation Fully Automatic
Material Carbon Steel API Grade
Voltage 3 Phase
Oscillator Frequency 2000 Hz-5000Hz
Output Power 500 KW-1500KW
Cooling Method Water Cooling

Seam Annealing

Nirmal induction heating process is an ideal technology for any of your Tube/Pipe annealing needs. A laminated coil assembly along with an appropriately rated power supply (power and frequency) provides rapid and even heating of the tube/pipe seam for maximum product quality. Multiple in-line coils allow for higher production rates and better temperature uniformity.

The seam annealing system includes a mechanized induction coil assembly. The assembly has automatic detection of a misaligned tube, and will raise the coil assembly to avoid damage.

The equipment configuration is tailored to your specific layout. Provide us with a layout, and we will find a way to implement the solution.

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