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Capacity 4 M.T. Per Hours For Pipe Galvanising (1/2” TO 6”)
Specifications As Per API/IS/ASTMBS Standard
Fuel Furnace Oil With a Net Calorific Value Of 10000 K. CAL./KG OR GAS
Zinc Consumption Average 6 TO 7% Depending Upon Pipe Size
Zinc Efficiency Average 6 M From Floor Level
Products Zinc Dross : 8 TO 10%
Zinc Dust :10 TO 16%
ZInc Ash : 16 TO 18%
of the Zinc Used

The section of fume from the pickling tanks will be through a central duct to outside through a frp lined centrifugal fan, the chimney will be fibre lined. Air blowing is provided at the top of tanks.

Rocking arm is to be fitted for acid fume tanks, All the arrangement to be made for fine accuracy & cleaning of the pipes. When the pipe bundle is to be feed in acid tank at that time liner movement is require for the pipes. So that acid is to be circulated in all direction of pipe inside & outside surface of the pipe. This arrangement is made to rotate the pipe in high direction & cleaning is made for the effective galvanising.

There will be 2 water rinsing tank one to work as cold wash and other hot washing. these tanks also made of steel with glass fibre lining.

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